# RTK Bridge

NTRIP client diagram

There three major ways to connect field RTK base with rovers.

  • UHF Radio
  • GSM modems
  • NTRIP Caster

YCServer introduces the fourth way. It combines GSM modems and NTRIP Caster in a single Android application.

# How it works

The app can receive date from different sources and rebroadcast it to different destinations. You will need two phones to establish a connection:

  • Connect the first phone with the base via BlueTooth or USB
  • Connect the second phone with the rover via BlueTooth or USB
  • Launch YCServer at the first phone and select BlueTooth or USB as a source and Cloud as a destination.
  • Launch YCServer at the second phone and select Cloud as a source and BlueTooth or USB as a destination.
  • Start broadcasting on the first phone and receiving it on the second phone.