# Introduction

RTK is the most popular real-time high precision positioning technology. To use it, you must establish a link between the base and rover receiver. There are 3 ways to do this:

  • UHF Radio

  • Internet

  • GSM modem Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the most promising is the transmission of data via the Internet. To establish a connection between receivers, a special protocol was developed called NTRIP. The main components of this protocol are Caster, Server and Client.

  • The NTRIP caster is a server that accepts incoming connections from the NTRIP server and NTRIP client.

  • The NTRIP server is a client that receives data from the base station and transmits it to the caster.

  • The NTRIP client is a client that receives data from the caster and transmits it to the rover receiver.

Unfortunately, in many GNSS receivers, the NTRIP server function is not available. YCServer aims to solve this problem. By connecting your receiver to a phone with YCServer installed via serial port or bluetooth, you can turn this receiver into a mobile base station. The application can also work in the opposite direction, It can connect to a RTK network and send corrections to the rover receiver.